to build Our Nation Better


Summary of the funds required (Non-Recurring)

Gopali Ashram

  • Reconstruction of Hall ————————— Rs.10.00 lakhs
  • Ambulance/Medical Van ————————–Rs. 6.00 lakhs

Jhargram Project

  • Hostel – Furnishings —————————— Rs. 5.00 lakhs

Phuleshwar Project

  • Hostel for Students ——————————- Rs.10.00 lakhs
  • Hostel for Banprasthis ————————— Rs.10.00 lakhs

Jalaberia Project

  • Medical Van / Ambulance ———————– Rs. 6.00 lakhs
  • Shiva Temple —————————————- Rs. 5.00 lakhs

Krishna Nagar Project

  • Class Rooms —————————————– Rs. 5.00 lakhs

Recurring Funds :

To carry out the above projects, i.e., hostels, ambulances, schools, etc. we would need another Rs.10.00 lakhs annually (without considering price escalation in subsequent years).

We seek your whole – hearted support for the upliftment of our own brethren living in the remote backward areas of our country. Join us in this pious pursuit. Devote your time, money and efforts to build a vibrant and enlightened bharat.