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Lalpur, Bodra Ashram

This project is situated at Lalpur, Bodra village near Kendpur which is about 35 Km. from Malda town. This project was started in 1982 with  donation of land measuring 2.00 Bighas Bastu Land and 14.00 Bighas agricultural land from Smt. Karna Mani Sardar w/ o Late Mukul Chandra  Sardar in Malda district. A two storied kutcha building alongwith single storied building consisting 9 rooms was constructed to run 6 classes, office and hostel for the project. One Shiv Mandir was also constructed where people gather for worship regularly. This project is situated in a  very poor area. This project was initially started by Vishva Hindu Parishad, Malda with the help of various trusts and is now handed over to  Manav Seva Pratisthan to run and develop the same. We laid soling & concrete flooring of rooms, varandah and passages partly last year.

  • School : Primary School is being run since 1992. The present strength of students is 155 with 6 Teachers and 1 no. Non-teaching Staff. We plan to construct 3 more class rooms in the next year depending on the requirements. We have started mid day meal scheme-ANNAPURNA AKSHAY PATRA YOJNA in the above schools on and from 5.10.2010 with the help of Sri Srigopal Jhunjhunwala who provided the required funds initially for one year. We shelved this scheme was shelved for want of subsidized cereal from the Govt.
  • Hostel : Hostel is also being run since 1997. The present strength of the students in hostel is 11 who belong to scheduled caste and scheduled tribes. We constructed last year a building of 5 Hostel Rooms with matching facilities to accommodate 30 students.
  • Gosala: We started a small Gosala with two cows with the help of Sri Srigopal Jhunjhunwala. We shall construct a cow shed and storage for fodder.Presently there are 4 cows in  the Gosala. The milk is utilized for the Chatrawas Students.
  • Physical Training : Students of the school, hostel and of the nearby villages are participating in various physical training programmes.
  • Agriculture/Gardening : Students are imparted training in Gardening.
  • Drinking Water : A well and a tube well was sunk which is also used by the villagers apart from the Ashram inmates due to its light & digestic  quality of water.

Proposed Activities :

  • There is requirement for 3 more class rooms  to accommodate increasing number of students. More over we plan to increase one class in each year till we reach to class VIII from the present level of class IV.