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Jalaberia Ashram

This project is situated 64 Km. from Calcutta in the Sundarbans. This project  was started in 1982 with donation of land measuring 223.5 dec. from local villagers on Jayanagar-Jamtala Road. A building was partly built by Lions Club of Howrah and partly by Lions Club of Eden Garden  for the project. Two years ago we have added 4 Class Rooms and a Toilet Block with the help from M/s. Cognizant Foundation, Chennai. This project is situated in a very poor area. Last year we erected swing, slip, see-saw etc. in the children’s park and also outdoor playing kits.

  1. A. School :

We are Running –

a)      Primary School is being run since 1982. The present strength of students is 108 with 6.nos.Teaching Staff and 1 no. Non-teaching Staff

b)      High School is also being run since 1982. The present strength of the students is 245  with  11 nos. Teaching Staff, one Tailoring teacher and 1 no. Non-teaching Staff

c)      We have started mid day meal scheme – ANNAPURNA AKSHAY PATRA Yojna in the above schools on and from 5.10.2010 with the help of Sri Sri Gopal Jhunjhunwala who will the required funds initially for one year. This covers 600 Children and teachers of these schools who are provided free nutritious meal during their tiffin hours.The scheme was shelved for want of subsidized cereal from the Govt.

  1. B. Hostel :

Presently 4 Riyang & 2 OBC students are in the Hostel. All belong to scheduled caste and scheduled tribes.

  1. C. Library & Reading Room :

Students of the Ashram and Villagers are regular readers.

  1. D. Homoeo Centre :

300Patients are treated every month in the Ashram.

  1. A. TEMPLE :

The project is close to SUNDARBANS where mostly Bangladeshi refugees are there. A Shiva Mandir was constructed in 2008 since there is no Mandir in the vicinity. In 2014 during Srawan month on last Monday of the month nearly 20,000 persons including 10,500 Kanwar Yatries participated in Jalabhishek in the Mandir. Elaborate arrangements were made on river ghat. Administration provided about 350 police personel at the ashram and also on the kanwar route from river to the ashram temple apart from our 300-400 volunteers. Many people also attend Gajan Mela on 1st day of Bengali New Year i.e. 1st Baisakh every year.

  1. B. Physical Training :

Students of the school, Hostel and people of the nearby villages are participating in various physical training programmes.

  1. C. Sewing Centre :

Tailoring Classes are compulsory for students of class VII & VIII. We have 5 Sewing M/cs. for the training.

  1. D. Agriculture :

Students are imparted training in Agriculture.

  1. E. Drinking Water :

A deep tube-well was sunk by  Lions Club of Howrah and a Diesel pump and pipe line was erected with the help of Lions Club of Eden Garden. Now, a new line and pump is needed since the earlier set is worned out.

  1. F. Eye Care Centre :

Spectacles are being distributed after refraction of eyes of  patients every year.

  1. G. Environment :

We have planted Pyara, Coconut, Supari, Teak & other trees in the  Ashram.

  1. H. POND: Ghat was reconstructed and edges strengthened.