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Projects run by Keshab Seva Kendra in West Bengal :

Badami Devi Sishu Kalyan Kendra


Shri Indrasen Jindal, President
Sri Ambuj Sharma Vice-President
Sri Om Prakash Agarwal Secretary
Sri Sriprakash Sanganeria Treasurer
Sri Brij Bhusan Singh Member
Dr. Tarun Chakraborty, Member
Sri Baban Dubey Member
Sri Gouri Shanker Bhagat Member
Smt. Indu Prabha Modi Member
Sri Sitaram Agarwal Member
Smt. Kusum Mundra Member
Smt. Savitri Malani Member
Smt. Anita Jhawar Member
Dr. Brij Bali Singh Ashram Supdtt.

Started in 1994, in 3500 sft. 2nd floor of premises No. 16/4/1, Round Tank Lane, Howrah – 711 101 donated by Late Ram Niwas Agarwal. This is situated 1 Km. West of Howrah Station. Kendra also acquired some adjacent vacant land owned by the donor of the premises which was under forcible possession of others. The following are the activities in and around the Ashram :

Orphanage :

Hostel for the ST / SC / Backward Class Orphan boys was established in 1994 where Lodging & Boarding is free. In addition to general coaching, the students are given lessons in discipline, national integration, brotherhood, Indian culture, cleanliness, vocational training. We have christened by surname as “Bhartiya” to each child so as to impress on them as well as on society that they all are sons of Bharat Mata and there is no difference in them on the basis of Cast, Creed or religion. Present strength of boarders is 27 with the capacity to accommodate 60 boys, plans to increase the inmates to accommodate 50 boys for which planning and infrastructure development is in progress.

Medical Centre:

One at Ashram Premises which caters the need of the Ashram Children as well as serves the people of the area. Ashram Superintendent (Sanchalak) Sri R. B. Singh is a Homeopathy doctor who manages the Centre.

Library :

There is a Library with newspapers, periodicals, magazines, religious & cultural books for the use of inmates.

Physical Training :

Training is imparted in physical exercise, games and Yogasan. Hall in the premises as well as the acquired plot of land is used for the purpose.

Adoption Of Child :

Infant child are adopted, as and when available, and are given to the childless parents. We do keep track regularly after adoption to ensure that the child is looked after properly by his foster parents. We received one infant child and the same was adopted by Sri Suresh Kumar Madhogaria and his wife Smt. Annapurna Madhogaria of Howrah. One Photo of these persons with child is annexed which shows the Secretary Sri Om Prakash Agarwal and Superintendent of BDSKK Dr. Braj Bali Singh of the Ashram also.


Ekal Vidyalaya

Kendra is running 210 Ekal Vidyalayas (one teacher / one school) in the villages of West Dinajpur and Malda. KSK is also running 147 Ekal Vidyalayas in the districts of South Bengal. Cost for running these schools is Rs. 10,000/- per school per year.


Kathakar (Krishna Katha) Yojna

We have started a noble work to educate moral & ethical values to the masses by starting Kathakar Yojna. Presently 34 Kathakars are working full time in the hilly areas of Sikkim, Darjeeling, Kurseong, Siliguri etc. who visit the villages and eulogise & deliver speeches of old Heroes of the Land to arouse the self respect and to uplift their morality.

Hostel :

We have purchased one building in Siliguri Town. We propose to start a Hostel there.

Proposed Activities :

Increase Capacity Of Orphanage:

We want to increase the capacity by upgrading the work so as to adopt the new born orphans so as to keep 50 children. This will require  Rs.4,00,000/- additionally every year.Keshab Seva Kendra enjoys exemption U/s 80G of the Income Tax Act,1961.

Your cheques/drafts may kindly be drawn in favour of Keshab Seva Kendra.
For more details please contact -
Sri M. L. Sharma, Advocate                              Phone : 2248 2078, 2259 0781
Sri Shew Bhagwan Bagaria                              Phone : 2269 2041, 2268 7127
Sri Braj Bali Singh                                            Phone : 2660-7650

Summary of the funds required

Orphanage / Ashram

    (i) Upgrading the existing facility to accommodate the new born children:
  1. Cots, Saddle, Toys, Perambulator etc. Rs.1.00 lakh one time
  2. Women workers – 2 @ Rs.2,500/- p.m. Rs.0.60 lakhs per year
  3. Cook & 2 others – 3 @ Rs.3,000/- p.m. Rs.1.08 lakhs per year
  4. Misc. Rs. 0.32 lakhs per year
    (ii) Annual running expenses :
  1. Boys – Present 19 boys Rs. 2.00 lakhs per year.
  2. Working hands/attendents/superindents Rs.1.50 lakhs per year.

To carry out the activities at the above project, i.e.,Orphanage,we would need Rs. 6.50 lakhs.

To  donate for the above required fund please click here.


Above does not include the requirements at Siliguri Project.